Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Forms of Media Publishing

In this new era, the presence of new media is expanding. With the new media, trends have changed. Naughton (2006) agrees that he newest trend in blogosphere is the combination of digital convergence, personal computing and global networking seems to have ratcheted up the pace of development and is giving rise to radical shifts in the environment. The issue might be best described as one of ‘informed bewilderment’.

Questions were always asked: "Will the new media trends replace conventional journalism?"
With the emergence of websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Tumblr, it seems like they will make conventional journalism extinct. However, it is possible that the existing media accommodate themselves in the new media ecosystem (Naughton, 2006). Naughton (2006) also added that the traditional media are considered to be the push media, whereas the web is the pull media - this proves the supremacy of the new media.

According to Silkstone (2007), blogging might not be dying, but it is always morphing into new forms. This is true because Twitter and Tumblr are actually new forms of blogging.

Twitter enables 140 characters to be posted on the author's profile page with just a simple click.

Tumblr allows users to post text, images, video, links, quotes, and audio to their page. It is different from conventional blogging because it is a short-form blog.

These interactions can be very complex and take many forms. Yet the reality is that while new communications technologies may not wipe out earlier ones, they certainly change the ecosystem.


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