Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Blogging Community

A blogging community consists of people who have similar area of interest and discuss in a blog (Anthony, 2009). A blogging community is essential to being a successful blogger. Through a blogging community, you are also creating a name and reputation for who you are and what you have to say. Community is alive and well in the blogosphere. It is emerging in a variety of patterns and manifesting in all sizes and types of communities (White, 2006).

A blogging community can be created by:

  • Take the lead and be the community that you want your readers to be – readers follow the lead of bloggers in how they’ll interact with each other
  • Ask Questions – the key to more comments and interaction on a blog
  • Link to reader’s blogs
  • Answer reader’s questions
  • Invite Readers to Take the lead with guest posts, giving advice to each other etc
  • Mention readers in your blog
  • Allow comments for everyone

(Rowse, 2008)

Blog researcher Efimova (2006) suggests the communities formed around an author-centred blog are likely to depend more on the connections of blog-readers with the blogger personality than the topics she covers.


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