Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Classification of Blogs

There are many classification of blogs. The subject matters are such as personal, business, schools, non-profits, politics, military, private, sports, how-to, tips, and reviews (Wordpress, n.d.). Then, the media types are also different. There are:

  • Vlogs – blogs which consist of videos (Youtube)
  • Linklogs – blogs which consist of links
  • Sketchblogs
  • Photoblogs
  • Tumblelogs – short posts and mixed media types (Tumblr)
  • Moblog – Sending pictures from a cameraphone or mobile device (Flickr)
  • Microblog – a short text message which may or may not contain a shortened URL. (Twitter)

Although there are blog categories, many blogs have combination of styles, which make identifying unique types difficult. For example, is a personal blog, but sometimes the blogger writes about traveling, reviews and even does videos. Simons (2008) also classified blogs in a different manner, where there are pamphleteering, digest, advocacy, popular mechanics, exhibition, gatewatcher, diary, advertisement and news blogs.

In my opinion, each individual chooses what to read and have different interests. As technology advances, bloggers get to include many new things such as videos and whatnot. Also, blogging has become absolutely simple, so many people are blogging. According to Tokheim (2009), blogging and social networking are moving toward each other, so blogs do not belong to only one category nowadays.


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